FAQ : Foire aux questions

What is $King?

A decentralized cryptocurrency, fully owned and guided by the community. We, like millions of people, want a peaceful Defi experience, and we wanted to create a cryptocurrency that would carry the values that $king Vitalik intended it to be.

Why should i invest in $king?

A line to – only cryptocurrency in the defi space that’s out to – with the cause to enable support and garner growth initiatives – providing incentives for all holders on each transaction via our rewarding mechanism.

What is the aim of $King

$King aims to separate itself from other meme/ hype coins that are readily available in the market. The idea was to take our love for Vitalik and Ethereum and turn it into a proper currency that would serve the basic functions of any cryptocurrency. The aim of the project is to protect our community.


Easiest way to contact us is Via Twitter, or join us in our Telegram. Links are to the top of the page and footer of the page.